About us

Little SENDsations is a newly registered charity offering a wide range of support to families of children with all disabilities. We provide accessible play and leisure activities to SEND children and their families. We are a parent-led charity, and we fully understand the struggles and social isolation it can bring having children with SEND. We aim to remove that barrier by providing accessible and enriching activities to children with all disabilities. We pride ourselves on being an empowering, inclusive, and non-judgemental group, where everyone feels welcome.

We are all parents of a child or children with a disability and experienced a lack of accessible activities within our area, especially at weekends and during school holidays. As SEND parents we experienced isolation because many leisure activities available did not meet our children’s needs. Therefore Little SENDsations was born in 2023 with a view to changing and educating the wider society to ensure our children have an inclusive and accessible future. We are proud to say we achieved charity status in January 2024. Our charity registration number is 1206407. 

We are always on the look out for new and exciting activities for our children and families. If there is anything in particular you would like your children to experience please feel free to let us know. Our children and families are always at the core of our charity and we always ensure to give our community a positive experience.  

Being a non-profit charity all money raised in donations goes back into the charity to help us continue to provide events and activities at an affordable price. If you would like to fundraise for us, we would greatly appreciate it, and please get in touch! 

Everyone is welcome and we hope you enjoy being part of our SENDsational community!

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