Meet the team

Hi – My name is Sam,

Hi! My name is Sam and I’m a proud co-founder of Little SENDsations! 🙂

I am mam to the gorgeous Addison, who has a super rare genetic condition, 1 in 50 million in the world! Addison has a range of a physical needs but is an amazing, sassy, wonderful 4 year old!

I am a qualified teacher and have a real passion for SEND. I feel super passionate about giving children with SEND the same opportunities. When Addie was born I realised how there were no groups for children with physical disabilities, so Little SENDsations was born!

I am so proud to see our LS community grow! I have met some amazing families through LS and made friends for life!

I can’t wait to make more memories in 2024!

Hi – I’m Hayley,

I am co-founder of Little SENDsations!

I’m mum to 3 children Maddie, 19 Jay, 15 and Harrison, 9.

Jay has sensory processing disorder and an eating disorder called arfid (currently awaiting cahms).

Harrison has a really rare genetic condition called kif1a, he is non verbal, in a wheelchair and has limited understanding and autism (to name a few).

I have absolutely loved our Little SENDsations journey and I am really excited to see where it takes us!

Looking forward to meeting more of our families and growing our community.’t wait to make more memories in 2024!

Hi – I’m Danielle

I am Trustee of the amazing Little SENDsations 🥳

I have a 4 year old son called Finley, who loves coming to our events!

I currently work in a SEND school which I love, I have gained so much knowledge and experience working alongside children with a range of needs and disabilities!

I LOVE crafts, and you will usually find me resourcing the best sensory crafts for your little ones at our events!

I feel like it’s important to bring Finley along to Little SENDsations events so he can be educated on inclusion and acceptance.

We are looking forward to meeting more of you wonderful families at future events 🥰

Hi – My name is Jewel 

I’m a proud trustee of Little SENDsations! 🙂

I am a qualified teacher and I have a little girl, Arya, who is 3. I am wholeheartedly passionate about Little SENDsations and have been so proud to see the community it has and is creating. I absolutely love meeting and talking to parents and getting to know each little SENDsation of theirs 💜💚.

There’s nothing more special than at our events seeing such a mix of personalities, needs, disabilities, family set ups… and experiencing nothing but inclusivity and a warm family feel where everyone is celebrated 🥰.

Totally privileged to be a part of the LS team after years and years of talking to Sam about what the SEND community deserves, and now here it is coming to life, creating so much joy for adults and children.

I can’t wait to see so much more unfold in 2024! 💚💛🧡❤️

Hello – I’m Candice

I am a very proud trustee of Little SENDsations! I am a mom to two amazing children, Cameron (5) and Addison (8 months). Cameron is autistic and nonspeaking, and over the past few years since his diagnosis, I have found my passion in supporting the SEND community through advocacy, accessibility and inclusion. Little SENDsations has been a lifeline for our family since it first began, and I am beyond honoured to be a part of the team and to get to help play a role in doing the same for other SEND children and their families!